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Why Choose Explochain?


  • Our team has been researching the educational content regarding Cardano and the blockchain. Through this, we have hardly found any Arabic or French content. This led us to innovate a platform that provides informative videos in the French.and in Arabic.Therefore, educational content will no longer be exclusive to English speakers.


  • We are aiming to create an e-learning platform that provides renowned education and enables learners to improve their knowledge of foundational blockchain concepts taught by skilled and experienced instructors.


  • We are mainly focusing on spotting ambitious students with innovative business ideas yet with funds shortage to connect them with global engineers in this engaging community that's ready to support their project ideas.


  •  We intend to establish a safe space for students passionate about technology and eager to acquire knowledge of a revolutionary technology that transformed the world.


  •   There will be no more limitations for students to unleash their creativity and capacities and gain technical knowledge and skills.

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